America’s Manifest Destiny and Christian Zionism

True, modern political Zionism, rather than being a Jewish nationalist aspiration, was first the product of English and American Protestantism. English Puritans, from the earliest colonisation of North America, conceptualised their new home as a new Israel, a ‘City on a hill;’ a New Jerusalem.

Crossing Swords with Christian Zionism

If questioning Zionism is a dangerous task then challenging Christian Zionism, the largest, best funded, and most religio-politically fundamentalist branch of Zionism, is infinitely more perilous. It is all the more dangerous because its influence – advocating the agency of God in Israel’s present history – reaches deep within the Church and to every level of US and British government.

Polite Neutrality is No Longer an Option

Follow @UrFhasaidh “Arab terrorism” has once again swept through the streets of Israel claiming the lives of a number of innocent Israelis and injuring others. Both the victims and the perpetrators of this violence are human beings and so there is nothing trivial about this recent outbreak of violence. Our hearts go out to those … Continue reading Polite Neutrality is No Longer an Option