Independence is not a “Left Alternative”

Scotland’s sometimes pro-independence left is not particularly large in terms of numbers. It would not be a significant threat to the stability and cohesion of the wider movement if this element decided to defect en masse to Jeremy Corbyn’s side, but we must also consider the weight this group has on social media. At present it seems safe to say that half – if not, more – of the movement’s bigger pro-independence blogs define themselves as belonging to the radical left, but they have been losing traction in recent months. The defection of these certainly does pose a problem.

What is the Purpose of the Law?

Nowhere in the capitalist world is the law intended to protect human beings qua persons with certain inalienable rights. Where such rights are protected they are protected not on the basis of the essential rights of people to the necessities of life, but rather on the basis of the requirements of the capitalist economy – the god and chief arbiter of capitalist justice.

Nothing Understands Socialism like Capitalism

Follow @UrFhasaidh Our struggle for rights and freedom, for equality, justice and fairness, means that we have to take the fight against Capitalism – now the single most destructive force on Earth – to every corner of oppression and exploitation. It means that every complex and simple battle must be joined by every worker. All … Continue reading Nothing Understands Socialism like Capitalism