So Much for a Sacred Land

Holiness is performance. If we learn anything from Jesus’ “pearls before swine” it is that the pigs don’t give a crap what is holy and what is not. Holiness is what we say it is and we make it so by how we choose to perform around those things we have declared holy.

Honesty is required in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel and Palestine can exist only behind their respective sides of the 1967 Green Line. Yet when this point comes to the table the dishonesty begins. It is true that there are elements within Palestine who would do Israel harm, but these are exceptions, and as we have seen in the most recent Israeli invasion of Gaza their capabilities are insignificant in comparison to Israel’s armed forces.

SodaStream™ is Not Good for Palestine or Palestinians

Follow @UrFhasaidh Israel’s manufacturing and export industries have suffered as a result of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction Movement. Various Israeli companies which profit from the exploitation of Palestinian labour and that have their plants in the illegal settlements have countered this movement by arguing that their businesses provide employment for the people of Palestine, … Continue reading SodaStream™ is Not Good for Palestine or Palestinians