Glasgow Central Station

How could these stories not leave the listener affected? At every stop on our way around the tunnels and underground platforms Paul informed us not only of the stories of the places and the events, but of the people – the ordinary working people of Glasgow, the ordinary working people of the Highlands who came, cleared from their homes, to work in the city, and the ordinary people of Scotland and elsewhere who passed through the station.

Demilitarising the Scottish Imagination

There is no avoiding the association of tartan and the bagpipes with battlefields spanning the whole width of the world. Scots regiments marched on and subdued Egypt, Afghanistan, and India. Scottish graves litter the fields of Flanders and the Somme. Scotland has made its mark on the world and left behind it a horrendous trail of misery, suffering, and blood.

Violence and Terror on the Beaches of Sousse

Follow @UrFhasaidh Less than a year ago, during a visit to Tunisia, I travelled to the historical citadel of Sousse. After a long and adventurous journey in the engine room of an overcrowded freight train from the northern edge of the Sahara Desert I walked into the palatial, cream and ivory tiled foyer and atrium … Continue reading Violence and Terror on the Beaches of Sousse