A Post-Mortem Review of Christianity in Europe

In Britain and Ireland it has become increasingly apparent that mainstream Christianity – the legally established and otherwise respectable churches – has become the preserve of the better off. The so-called underclass has long since been abandoned by the churches, and attendance at Sunday services in the most deprived areas spells out quite clearly the fact that Christianity has become irrelevant to the lives of the vast majority of these people.

Wreck-It Ralph: A Theodicy Out of the Mouths of Babes

Follow @UrFhasaidh Don’t laugh. It isn’t every day I watch a children’s movie, but for a couple of reasons I have made an exception for Wreck-It Ralph. Someone special in my life loves kids’ movies, and I have a thing for retro video games, so this was a film I was going to see eventually, … Continue reading Wreck-It Ralph: A Theodicy Out of the Mouths of Babes

Marriage Equality and the Faith Debate

Follow @UrFhasaidh On Saturday last at the Faith in Marriage Equality Conference at the ISE here in Dublin Professor Linda Hogan, recently rumoured to be Rome’s first appointed lay female cardinal, opened proceedings by saying that “this debate is being framed as religious people being no voters with everyone else voting yes.” Certainly, as a … Continue reading Marriage Equality and the Faith Debate