Don’t Criminalise Football Fans?

Yesterday the independence-supporting city of Glasgow was treated to a vile demonstration of what this born-again sectarianism has become – a quasi-paramilitary and fascist “black bloc” masquerading as a supporters’ movement. Make no mistake about it; this is a sign of where the British state wants to take us. This is happening because the British state is pushing the right buttons in Scotland, and it knows where those buttons are because it installed them.

Perfect Body, Perfect Mind, Perfect Soul

Follow @UrFhasaidh After showing off a video of my less-than-perfect execution of a kata a friend of mine Maeve commented: “What is it with men and their violence?” Okay, Maeve is a Dominican nun. You’d have to expect some non-violence from a nun, but her words have stuck with me. I still intend sticking with … Continue reading Perfect Body, Perfect Mind, Perfect Soul