Bernie Sanders: The Salvador Allende of North America?

Even if this snow-headed charismatic character from Vermont wins the presidential nomination – if he is allowed to win it that is – we have our doubts he will be allowed to win the White House, and this isn’t ‘crazy talk’ either.

Philosophy and Technology

Except in the event of a worldwide electronics apocalypse, this cyber revolution, together with all the changes it has brought and will bring about, is here to stay. While we may know the odd person who has resisted the urge to begin using Facebook or Twitter (are these already passé?), everyone – at least in the developed world – benefits from the progress we all share, and we all suffer its consequences.

Christians for Marriage Equality in Ireland

Follow @UrFhasaidh Christians in Ireland are in the midst of a massive crisis. Be they Catholic, Anglican, Methodist or any other denomination of the faith they are finding themselves at a point where as individuals they are being asked to translate their religious convictions to the world around them. Certainly this is not unique to … Continue reading Christians for Marriage Equality in Ireland