The Failure of Solidarity

At this point, the outlook for the Scottish independence cause is bleak. We have had a number of clear opportunities to set political divisions aside and put independence first. But we have failed to take these opportunities. The Scottish National Party has committed itself to the project of becoming a self congratulation society for the polite and mild-mannered, while the rest of the movement has been left to fester and stew in its own juices after getting absolutely nothing of what it wanted.

Watching Scotland Being Humiliated Again

Follow @UrFhasaidh Before the general election Cameron was telling us that this vow of his was delivered. From then until now he has been continually spouting on about delivering his promise to Scotland. Now, tonight, after today’s events in Westminster, it is clear that it was all a stalling tactic. The Tories have absolutely no … Continue reading Watching Scotland Being Humiliated Again