Damian Green, Porn, and Britain’s Deviant Establishment

What sort of moron would knowingly fill up their browsing history and hard drive with porn when they knew it would be gone over forensically by the police technical bureau and some suits from GCHQ? Only someone who knew they were protected and beyond the reach of normal consequences would do this. Think about it, this means we are looking at a culture of deviance, permissiveness, and protection at the highest level of the British government.

Let’s all be very Modern and Neuter our Children

It is entirely possible that Rónán was sending me up on one, but I can’t be quite sure. Over a long discussion this friend of mine introduces me to the idea, which he sees as quite ethical, of raising children free from gender stereotypes. According to Megan Gibson, writing for the Time (‘Parents Who Hid … Continue reading Let’s all be very Modern and Neuter our Children