Anas Sarwar: A Scottish Labour Fallacy

The “leadership” of Scottish Labour is and has always been meaningless. There is no leader of Scottish Labour. Scottish Labour is not a political party in its own right. It has no legal or political reality. Scottish Labour is the British Labour Party in Scotland and every decision of any importance is made by and for the benefit of the real party leadership at 105 Victoria Street in the City of Westminster, London.

May’s Threat to Devolution is a ‘Cause de Guerre’

It has become clear that a return to direct rule is her preferred mode of governing those who will not easily bow the knee to her isolationist Brexit agenda. Her dictatorial refusal to consider the will of the people of Norther Ireland has resulted in a crisis in the Province that has now resulted in the end of the Good Friday Agreement and an election, in which if the DUP fails to regain a majority, that will more than likely result in the collapse of the Power Sharing Executive and the reintroduction of direct rule.