Why Would a Tory have Compassion for an Animal?

It’s no mystery that our Tory masters have reduced animals to things incapable of feeling pain or thinking thoughts in order to exploit nature – and profit from it – as much as they possibly can. Killing beasts and people is always about pennies, albeit millions and millions of pennies – but pennies nonetheless. Why wouldn’t they do this to animals? If you can be so cruel to a defenceless animal you can do the same to a child.

Philosophy and Technology

Except in the event of a worldwide electronics apocalypse, this cyber revolution, together with all the changes it has brought and will bring about, is here to stay. While we may know the odd person who has resisted the urge to begin using Facebook or Twitter (are these already passé?), everyone – at least in the developed world – benefits from the progress we all share, and we all suffer its consequences.

Why Won’t the Church Leave the Science to the Scientists?

Follow @UrFhasaidh Anyone who follows dear old @Pontifex on Twitter will be aware that the Holy Father has gone on social media hyper-drive over the past couple of days. Back in the day, before most of our days, we could expect Papal communication to move at the speed of a Mediaeval plague victim; Councils every … Continue reading Why Won’t the Church Leave the Science to the Scientists?