Criticism and Negativity

Yet, the fact remains that the politics of independence is a national movement locked in an existential struggle with the British state and all the poison that that can bring to the fight. Not being the most social of people, “Jihadi Jason” – iScot Magazine’s witty new epithet for me – is all about winning the fight. Truth be told, I don’t feel particularly loyal to the Scottish National Party or to any pro-independence party. Political parties are useful instruments, but we mustn’t forget that they are also very human institutions. They attract professionals and careerists – journeymen.

Ramadan is Bringing People Together in Palestine

Follow @UrFhasaidh Ramadan is a month of mercy; a sacred time for Muslims to put the worship of God and self-reflection before the demands of their stomachs. Fasting is good for the body and the soul, and many Muslims claim that Ramadan leaves them more able to live stronger, more moral lives through the rest … Continue reading Ramadan is Bringing People Together in Palestine