Ulsterise This

On 18 September this year, the seventh anniversary of the Scottish independence referendum, a staggering thirty-four unionist-loyalist Orange Order parades will take place in just one city — Glasgow; one of two Scottish cities that backed independence in 2014. This of course is no coincidence. The Orange Order, in typical fashion — and with the consent of Glasgow City Council, intends to put on a triumphalist show of force to celebrate the victory of Britishness over Scottish independence and remind independence supporters of their place in the union.

Why is Christianity Dying in Europe?

Follow @UrFhasaidh It’s no secret that Christianity in Europe is on the wane. By the 1970s and 80s church attendance across Europe, especially in Scandinavia, had sunk to critical levels. At the millennium it had become clear that the downward trajectory of Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, had taken the religion well below sustainable numbers, making … Continue reading Why is Christianity Dying in Europe?

Religion is not the Cause of all War

ideas do not cause or fight wars – people do. It is true that religious people fight, but then so do music lovers. There is certainly no evidence to suggest that religious people are more likely to be combatants than Atheists, and neither is their evidence to suggest that religious ideas are any more likely to be a contributing factor in conflicts than non-religious ideas such as Capitalism, Socialism, or Democracy for example.