Orange Culture is Culture

Orangeism is a culture no matter how much we protest, but that is because we have gotten stuck on the idea of culture as a good thing; the social expression of the better angels of our nature. Yersinia pestis, the organism responsible for the Bubonic plague, is a culture.

Why is Christianity Dying in Europe?

Follow @UrFhasaidh It’s no secret that Christianity in Europe is on the wane. By the 1970s and 80s church attendance across Europe, especially in Scandinavia, had sunk to critical levels. At the millennium it had become clear that the downward trajectory of Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, had taken the religion well below sustainable numbers, making … Continue reading Why is Christianity Dying in Europe?

Religion is not the Cause of all War

ideas do not cause or fight wars – people do. It is true that religious people fight, but then so do music lovers. There is certainly no evidence to suggest that religious people are more likely to be combatants than Atheists, and neither is their evidence to suggest that religious ideas are any more likely to be a contributing factor in conflicts than non-religious ideas such as Capitalism, Socialism, or Democracy for example.

Attention Seeking Behaviour Increases the Less People Care

The less that everyone else cares about Ulster Loyalism and the antics of its lunatic fringe the more impressive its show of idiocy. Over the last few days families have been evacuated from their homes because fires celebrating a historical injustice and genocide are allowed to take precedence over public safety. As fewer and fewer people around the world care what these people do the larger their tantrums are likely to get.