Burns Night: Neeps and Tatties

A long time before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, before the abolition of slavery and serfdom, Scots were proud to say that We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns.

Robert Burns: His Scandal, Genius, and Humanism

To me 'Sleekit' and 'Cow'rin' were terms of contempt, describing the very worst qualities in people. Sly and cowardly in a single person falls short of anything approximating a compliment. It struck me as odd that the ploughman would describe the wee mouse he had just made homeless before winter as Sleekit and Cow'rin, but he does.

‘Words Smith’ is Filling Twitter with Beautiful Things

Follow @UrFhasaidh If you are one of those people who think that Twitter bots are annoying, then you may take some satisfaction in knowing that a bot is a nightmare to create. Last week I spent an entire night programming my very first Twitter bot from the husk of a previous Twitter account. My reason … Continue reading ‘Words Smith’ is Filling Twitter with Beautiful Things