Have I Become Dublin’s Gay Jesus?

This little man’s bible, his instrument of hatred and torture, his upside-down roadmap to hellfire, was the word of his god. No doubt his slavery to it already had him living a bleak and dismal living hell, and he is to be pitied for that.

Rallying Faith in the Culture War

It is now ‘open season’ on any and all forms of religion in culture, in the academy, in the media, and in political life. A new atheism; now the social default, less prepared to engage with the philosophical and theological grammar of religious thought than its classical predecessor, has constructed walls to exclude as much religious expression as it can from the marketplace.

Anarcho-Capitalists: Free Market Fanatics or Fantasists?

Capitalism’s revolution has not yet come into full flower. It has not quite reached its desired end. When in 1681, when the bourgeois state was still on the future horizon, Louis XIV’s powerful finance minister asked the merchants of France how the king might best help them, M. Le Gendre stated with beautiful prescience the destiny of Capitalism in saying: “Laissez-nous faire” (“Let us be”).