How Can We Resist the State?

Mere resistance to the state so far as such resistance does not become a threat to the life of the state will always be to some extent tolerated by the state. Any such resistance that does become a threat to the state will eventually be met with the full force of the state that is the monopoly of violence.

Why a Revolution is the Only Available Option

On an international scale it is estimated that one billion human beings have died as a result of state-corporate labour market decisions, and this slaughter is only intensifying. Since the international credit crunch of 2007 and the resulting economic depression the idea of reform has been in the air – even inside the state-corporate citadels.

Conflict in Colombia and the Corruption of Ideology

Follow @UrFhasaidh In the early 1960s an unimaginable evil overtook the Latin American country of Colombia. After two decades of political violence and the exclusion of the majority from government, from rights to their land, and an equitable share in the wealth of their nation, organisations began to form; some informed by the Marxist ideas … Continue reading Conflict in Colombia and the Corruption of Ideology

What Some People Need is to Suffer More

Follow @UrFhasaidh Revolution, the social realisation of necessary change, requires that a critical mass of the global working population wake up to what is happening around them. At present, around the world there are the stirrings of real revolutionary movements. Tens of thousands are mobilising on the streets of Greece and Spain, in Scotland and … Continue reading What Some People Need is to Suffer More