Britain’s Gathering Alt-Right Storm

The economic philosophy of the libertarians, as UKIP has long understood, does not win elections. Ordinary voters are not interested in economic arguments. They are even less impressed with men in suits who remind them too much of “the establishment.” Successful libertarian parties quickly adopt populist arguments; they single out scapegoats, they manufacture fake narratives, and they offer easy and deceitful answers to complex problems. This was precisely what UKIP and the Leave campaign did during the Brexit referendum campaign – and they won.

Brexit is More Sinister than the Sales Pitch

Making this fraudulent argument and propagating it with the help of vast sums of dark money and media and social media manipulation was always about giving life to the real Brexit; a plan for the economic remodelling of the UK the public would never have supported. We do not know the details of this plan, but we know that it is so important to those in the hidden spheres of power in London that it trumps even the personal misgivings of the Prime Minister.

Anarcho-Capitalists: Free Market Fanatics or Fantasists?

Capitalism’s revolution has not yet come into full flower. It has not quite reached its desired end. When in 1681, when the bourgeois state was still on the future horizon, Louis XIV’s powerful finance minister asked the merchants of France how the king might best help them, M. Le Gendre stated with beautiful prescience the destiny of Capitalism in saying: “Laissez-nous faire” (“Let us be”).

Peter Sutcliffe and Serial Killer Capitalism

Like the psychopathic killer Capitalism is singularly motivated by its own selfish desires without regard for morality or even the lives of other people, and like Sutcliffe it is tempered by a need to appear good and respectable to its spouse. It was when Mrs. Sutcliffe went to bed or was otherwise absent that the Yorkshire Ripper allowed his inner monster out to play.