From the River to the Sea

And it is this disproportionate response — typical of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank — that has people around the world up in arms. This war will only result in Palestinian cassualties, and many of these will be children and unarmed civilians — young and old. The propaganda from the Israeli government will be, as it has always been, that Hamas is ‘hiding behind human shields,’ but the sorry reality is that in such an overcrowded urban environment non-combatants have nowhere else to go.

Ramadan is Bringing People Together in Palestine

Follow @UrFhasaidh Ramadan is a month of mercy; a sacred time for Muslims to put the worship of God and self-reflection before the demands of their stomachs. Fasting is good for the body and the soul, and many Muslims claim that Ramadan leaves them more able to live stronger, more moral lives through the rest … Continue reading Ramadan is Bringing People Together in Palestine