Christian Zionism and the Race to Apocalypse

All of this may sound farfetched, but often – especially in US politics – fact is stranger than fiction, and to understand the present behaviour of Israel one ought to pay careful and close attention to the beliefs and influence of Christian Zionism.

Condemnation of Israel is not Antisemitism

No other member state of the United Nations has ignored and violated as many UN resolutions as the State of Israel. To date Israel is in direct violation of no less than 66 resolutions, passed by the Security Council, mainly with regard to its ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine, its appalling treatment of the Palestinian population, and its effective annexation of East Jerusalem.

Crossing Swords with Christian Zionism

If questioning Zionism is a dangerous task then challenging Christian Zionism, the largest, best funded, and most religio-politically fundamentalist branch of Zionism, is infinitely more perilous. It is all the more dangerous because its influence – advocating the agency of God in Israel’s present history – reaches deep within the Church and to every level of US and British government.

Honesty is required in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel and Palestine can exist only behind their respective sides of the 1967 Green Line. Yet when this point comes to the table the dishonesty begins. It is true that there are elements within Palestine who would do Israel harm, but these are exceptions, and as we have seen in the most recent Israeli invasion of Gaza their capabilities are insignificant in comparison to Israel’s armed forces.

SodaStream™ is Not Good for Palestine or Palestinians

Follow @UrFhasaidh Israel’s manufacturing and export industries have suffered as a result of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction Movement. Various Israeli companies which profit from the exploitation of Palestinian labour and that have their plants in the illegal settlements have countered this movement by arguing that their businesses provide employment for the people of Palestine, … Continue reading SodaStream™ is Not Good for Palestine or Palestinians