Brexit: Europe Prepares for the Worst

Theresa May and her neo-imperialist band of Conservative Brexiteers seem hell bent on going through with this no matter the cost, and this is the root of all the uncertainty. They are capable of anything – and this is frightening.

Easter Rising 1916-2016: Join the Rebellion

One hundred years on, the events of April 1916 in Dublin are not written off as terrorism simply because the forces involved went on to play their part in the creation of an independent Ireland. It was not a popular nor was it a democratic insurgency. Few in Dublin, or around the country, supported an armed rebellion by people proclaiming their allegiance to Germany.

Ireland’s Rich List: Measuring the Sickness of a Nation

Follow @UrFhasaidh Last month the Irish Sunday Independent declared that the Irish economy was turning, and that serious money was being made. This was the paper’s sales pitch for its rich list issue. What it failed to mention was that money, serious money, has never stopped being made by Ireland’s richest people, and neither did … Continue reading Ireland’s Rich List: Measuring the Sickness of a Nation