Scaremongering Scotland: The Shadow of Grenfell

There’s a four day old report on the BBC website that’s refusing to go away. On the 22 February the BBC published a video report covering the cost of recladding a private apartment complex at Glasgow Harbour found to have “similar” cladding to that believed to have accelerated the spread of the fire on Grenfell Tower in June last year. As a result of that tragedy building inspections were carried out on local authority high rises throughout the United Kingdom, finding that of the 173 structures tested in England and Wales 165 were clad with the hazardous material.

An Anatomy of Astroturfing in Popular Social Resistance

Follow @UrFhasaidh Popular social resistance to Austerity – or oppression of any kind – is powerful only when it is both organic and truly popular. This is to say that it is a natural movement against the structures of social, economic, and political oppression which arises naturally from the oppressed and carries the weight of … Continue reading An Anatomy of Astroturfing in Popular Social Resistance