Art, Sexism, Wings, and Homophobia

Weaponising the accusation of homophobia against Campbell – another example of throwing mud and hoping some will stick – is nothing but a cynical attempt to discredit him and thereby his work and that for which he and others are working.

Islam and the Gods of War

Of course there are passages in the Quran that read to the modern reader as primitive, barbaric, and violent. The same is true of all ancient texts – the Bible included, and few demand a revision of the Old Testament on the grounds of Israel’s primitive, barbaric, and violent behaviour in the occupied West Bank or in Gaza.

Bert and Ernie and the Gay Cake Row

Follow @UrFhasaidh People are celebrating all over Ireland today because of the judgement handed down in the Marriage Equality cake row in Northern Ireland. A Christian couple, the owners of a family bakery in Belfast, have been found guilty of discriminating against a customer on the grounds of his sexual orientation. He entered the bakery … Continue reading Bert and Ernie and the Gay Cake Row