Update on Scotland’s Future

Given that Westminster is not in Scotland’s bests interests and that devolution, as it is, is not fit for purpose – things even Murdo Fraser has conceded, Nicola Sturgeon has proposed an open process of dialogue with the British unionist parties seeking to gain something short of independence but better than what we have. In a world running short on statesmen, this was a splendid – even Bismarckian – act of statesmanship, and kudos to her for it. Some may see this as a sell-out, but I will argue the case that it is not. This is a smart move.

Watching Scotland Being Humiliated Again

Follow @UrFhasaidh Before the general election Cameron was telling us that this vow of his was delivered. From then until now he has been continually spouting on about delivering his promise to Scotland. Now, tonight, after today’s events in Westminster, it is clear that it was all a stalling tactic. The Tories have absolutely no … Continue reading Watching Scotland Being Humiliated Again