State as Onion or Time Bomb

In reality the vast majority of the world’s population are not on a level playing field, and, as the resources of the planet are limited, the principle strategy of the corporations and the mega rich (the main proponents of liberalisation) has been keeping most people off the playing field.

The Future of the Corporation

It is no longer in the realms of conspiracy theory that the Corporation has become the new order of the world, but conspiracy fact. Years of secretive negotiations, across the developed world, between corporately sponsored governments and the corporations themselves have borne fruit in the creation of globalised treaties granting effective domination of the world’s economy to unelected and legally unaccountable super-boards-of-management.

Classic Games and Training the Corporate Mindset

Follow @UrFhasaidh Way back in the mid-90s it was Mick who introduced me to one of my favourite video games of all time. It has weathered the years very well. It might even be the Monopoly of the computer game generation, and for precisely the same reasons. Transport Tycoon lacks all the sophisticated graphics and … Continue reading Classic Games and Training the Corporate Mindset