Sick and Tired of Britain’s November Death Cult

Once upon a time “poppy day” was an annual event most of us slept through, marked by an irrelevant old woman putting down a wreath at a pointless monument to violence in London. A box of cheap red paper poppies would appear in our classrooms at the start of the month and the teacher would tell us some patriotic lies about brave soldiers and we could “remember them” at the cost of just 5p a poppy. It’s all different now.

Unionism Fighting another Dirty War in Scotland

Follow @UrFhasaidh It is just too easy to label the National Party Fascist or Nazi, and this is precisely the route that the Unionists in Scotland and over the whole of Britain are taking. The moment that the referendum was defeated back in September last year the Unionist mobs descended on Freedom Square in Glasgow … Continue reading Unionism Fighting another Dirty War in Scotland