Two Regular Joes

However, by the time I was the age he was when he first met me I had gotten over the hope of ever hearing from him again. Then out of nowhere he drops me a line on Facebook describing how he ‘missed his boys’ and how he was sorry he had ‘nothing to show for his life.’ Over a week in June 2012 we chatted back and forth. After all the ‘dad’ and ‘son’ stuff I decided to lay down some ground rules: I got that maybe this wasn’t all of his making — sure, I don’t know — but I have a dad. My dad, who I have never known as a ‘stepdad,’ raised me.

Tales from the South Dublin Union Workhouse

Follow @UrFhasaidh Genealogy is a wonderful way to introduce older adults returning to education to the study of history. Senior citizens, having brought up their own children and now enjoying being grandparents, quite often develop an interest in their particular family origins. This has certainly been my experience teaching adults. As part of our Family … Continue reading Tales from the South Dublin Union Workhouse