Lancing the Boil

Tonight, however, we have managed to lift the veil. Most of the suspicions I have had about the sickness within AUOB and most of the sources I have listened to have proven to be correct. There has been a profoundly diseased culture growing at the head of this organisation. Earlier tonight Neil MacKay, the current director of the AUOB, and Carol McNamara, chief administrator, came onto Scotland at 7 on Broadcasting Scotland with me to answer some fairly serious questions myself and others have had. Their candour was commendable. What they had to share was quite obviously difficult.

Normal Rules Don’t Apply to Them

Call it prejudice or a chip on my shoulder – I call it common sense, but here’s my take: The admission that these people [used to?] use coke is a window into a bigger picture of their reality. What is for millions of people around the world the root cause of their suffering is to these privileged upper class shites a mere recreation, a good buzz that accompanies all the other privileges their wealth and social position affords them. Not even hiding it from their peers, they organise exclusive get-togethers in the most luxurious hotels where they can hire in all sorts of fleshly delights.

What is Wrong with Ross Thomson?

Three days after the reports of his alleged behaviour were reported widely in the media, Mr Thomson took to Twitter to deny the allegations, saying they were “from anonymous sources” and “completely untrue,” and that “no complaint has been made to the police.” Not surprisingly, the Conservative-aligned newspaper The Telegraph reported the distress these allegations had caused Thomson and reiterated the point that the matter had not formally been taken to the police.

Conflict in Colombia and the Corruption of Ideology

Follow @UrFhasaidh In the early 1960s an unimaginable evil overtook the Latin American country of Colombia. After two decades of political violence and the exclusion of the majority from government, from rights to their land, and an equitable share in the wealth of their nation, organisations began to form; some informed by the Marxist ideas … Continue reading Conflict in Colombia and the Corruption of Ideology

Las Violencias en Colombia: The Deterioration of Human Worth

Follow @UrFhasaidh Horror, absolute horror, is perhaps the most suitable description of the level and intensity of violence at large presently in Colombian society. Violence, certainly for the powerful and those in the margins of Colombian society, has become a way of life; where, after eight and a half decades of brutal social and political … Continue reading Las Violencias en Colombia: The Deterioration of Human Worth

Ireland’s so Gangsta… Until Thursday

It turns out that it was unconstitutional for ministerial orders to criminalise drugs in Ireland without recourse to the Oireachtas. Up until now the 1977 Misuse of Drugs Act’s list of banned substances was being added to unilaterally in contravention of article XV of the Constitution. Personally I find it odd that this is the … Continue reading Ireland’s so Gangsta… Until Thursday