What Tory Power Really Means

Unless the Scottish government can pull independence out of the bag before the end of the Brexit negotiations, given the present crippling dysfunction of the parliamentary Labour Party at Westminster, we had best buckle in for at least a generation of Conservative rule.

The Future of the Corporation

It is no longer in the realms of conspiracy theory that the Corporation has become the new order of the world, but conspiracy fact. Years of secretive negotiations, across the developed world, between corporately sponsored governments and the corporations themselves have borne fruit in the creation of globalised treaties granting effective domination of the world’s economy to unelected and legally unaccountable super-boards-of-management.

Nothing Understands Socialism like Capitalism

Follow @UrFhasaidh Our struggle for rights and freedom, for equality, justice and fairness, means that we have to take the fight against Capitalism – now the single most destructive force on Earth – to every corner of oppression and exploitation. It means that every complex and simple battle must be joined by every worker. All … Continue reading Nothing Understands Socialism like Capitalism