Radical Faith in a World of Conservative Superficiality

It would not be wrong to say that Christianity withers and dies without the ongoing radicalisation of personal and communal faith. It is only such a faith that can be rooted deeply in society and have the intrinsic power to transform both itself and the society.

Giving the Last Rites to Authentic Christianity

At some point in the story of the Christian community the Church became the preserve of the well-to-do, the polite, and the fashionable, and was forever lost to poor, the outcasts, and the simple working people who were the earliest Christians. Up to this point in history the Christian faith was the laughing stock of the wealthy and privileged, it was the comical cult of a criminal provincial holy man, and better suited to fishermen and the lowest class of prostitutes.

Don’t Take It Personally but you’re a Bigot and a Paedophile

Follow @UrFhasaidh We live in a more equal Ireland today than we did this day last month. Not more equal in the sense that homelessness and economic injustice have been ended, but more equal in that everyone has the right to marry whosoever they choose. This development is overdue and to be welcomed. We would … Continue reading Don’t Take It Personally but you’re a Bigot and a Paedophile

Secular Ireland’s Second-Wave Anticlericalism

Follow @UrFhasaidh Anticlericalism has its benefits. That the modern Church has to a large extent become synonymous with clericalism and the clerical caste is upsetting to say the least. A Jesuit friend summed this up nicely some time ago when he pointed out the fundamentally un-Christian nature of clericalism and the sinfulness of a community … Continue reading Secular Ireland’s Second-Wave Anticlericalism

Bishop Gene Robinson: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Follow @UrFhasaidh Still no answer to my question from the Archbishop of Dublin! A couple of weeks ago I sent an email to the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin asking him if it would be a sin for a Catholic to vote ‘Yes’ in the marriage equality referendum. The Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church, and the … Continue reading Bishop Gene Robinson: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness