Building Jerusalem: An Insight into English Exceptionalism

English religiosity has consistently sought to imbue England with sacredness, and, like Judah’s ancient dominance over the northern kingdom of Israel, this sense of English territorial sacredness is extended to Scotland. Wales (those Edomites) is not factored in – that is just ‘west England.’ The reigning monarch is ‘God’s appointed monarch’ like God’s anointed kings in Jerusalem. The Empire becomes a new Solomonic empire – God’s territory. And this strange thinking, this quasi-religious and nationalist exceptionalism, has never quite disappeared from the Church of England...

Archbishop Calls for Urgent Hypocrisy on Climate Change

Follow @UrFhasaidh It is encouraging to see Frau Saxe Coburg und Gotha’s chief minister of religion, Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury, pay such wonderful lip service to the recent words of Pope Francis on the need for meaningful action on climate change. At the very least this demonstrates that what the Roman Pontiff has … Continue reading Archbishop Calls for Urgent Hypocrisy on Climate Change