Hero of Piper Alpha

At twenty-seven years of age, Seán was a broken man. The trauma of what he witnessed and the effects of his near drowning caused him a severe emotional and psychic collapse, the ripples of which washed up against him – sometimes pulling him back under – for the rest of his life. His bi-polar disorder produced a curious older man; someone who would laugh with all the joy of life and sink into the bleakest recesses of the valley of the shadow of death – sometimes in the same day.

What Some People Need is to Suffer Less

Follow @UrFhasaidh Since about 2007, with the failure of the Irish banking and financial sector, and the impact of the international credit crisis, the government of Ireland has followed various economic austerity policies with a view to rescuing the state from its present difficulties. In a nutshell these policies have sought to pay off the … Continue reading What Some People Need is to Suffer Less