Pope Francis in Ireland

This living on the threshold has taken a toll on us. Since the late 1990s, when the scales were first taken from our eyes, we have had to come to terms with new realities and battle for our faith in new and unfamiliar territories. My own journey, like that of many other Catholics, was one that made it impossible for me to consider myself a 'Roman' Catholic. The hierarchy had been – perhaps forever – tainted. It no longer held the moral authority, no matter what the Church taught, to hold my allegiance. The papacy was no longer the infallible and unassailable Rock it had once been.

Rallying Faith in the Culture War

It is now ‘open season’ on any and all forms of religion in culture, in the academy, in the media, and in political life. A new atheism; now the social default, less prepared to engage with the philosophical and theological grammar of religious thought than its classical predecessor, has constructed walls to exclude as much religious expression as it can from the marketplace.

Why Theism isn’t a Reasonable Philosophical Stance

Follow @UrFhasaidh By a single vote tonight the University of Dublin’s Metaphysical Society decided that Theism was not a rational philosophical position in the world of reason. As a now condemned theist it is difficult not to feel a sense of insult that just over fifty percent of my peers believe that my philosophical worldview is … Continue reading Why Theism isn’t a Reasonable Philosophical Stance

Don’t Take It Personally but you’re a Bigot and a Paedophile

Follow @UrFhasaidh We live in a more equal Ireland today than we did this day last month. Not more equal in the sense that homelessness and economic injustice have been ended, but more equal in that everyone has the right to marry whosoever they choose. This development is overdue and to be welcomed. We would … Continue reading Don’t Take It Personally but you’re a Bigot and a Paedophile

Marriage Equality and the Faith Debate

Follow @UrFhasaidh On Saturday last at the Faith in Marriage Equality Conference at the ISE here in Dublin Professor Linda Hogan, recently rumoured to be Rome’s first appointed lay female cardinal, opened proceedings by saying that “this debate is being framed as religious people being no voters with everyone else voting yes.” Certainly, as a … Continue reading Marriage Equality and the Faith Debate