Taking Things Literally

Truth cannot be calculated by the application of formulae. People’s accounts of events; the presentation of their truths, be that in books, the newspaper, or their spoken words, stake a claim on truth which cannot be factuality because it speaks to a distinct category of knowledge.

Abortion Rights, Comedy, and Simplistic Answers

It’s funny because it’s true, or at least it is true insofar as we buy into the stereotype of the infantile, selfish, and unreflective Jock of western culture. As witty as this quip is, it has been regurgitated ad nauseam by the cyber commentariat to the point that it has become something of a truism of male attitudes towards women and the rights of the unborn – if any – had they inconvenience them.

Why the Language of ‘Mansplaining’ Isn’t Helpful

Follow @UrFhasaidh At some point we all have to acknowledge that we are all racist, we are all misogynist, all classist; we are all prejudiced at some level because we are all real human beings conditioned by the reality in which we live. Disturbing as this is to admit, it merely demonstrates the powerful social … Continue reading Why the Language of ‘Mansplaining’ Isn’t Helpful

Attention Seeking Behaviour Increases the Less People Care

The less that everyone else cares about Ulster Loyalism and the antics of its lunatic fringe the more impressive its show of idiocy. Over the last few days families have been evacuated from their homes because fires celebrating a historical injustice and genocide are allowed to take precedence over public safety. As fewer and fewer people around the world care what these people do the larger their tantrums are likely to get.