It’s May Day – Let’s Break Something

We’re going to go down in a hail of rising sea levels and fluctuating temperatures, food and water shortages, and a skinny, starving polar bear drifting to its death on a tiny iceberg off the coast of Portugal.

Austerity is nothing but the Continuation of the Shock Doctrine

In the name of tightening our belts and living within our means, to save the world, far-reaching spending cuts were introduced, largescale programmatic deregulatory policies were rolled out, and state assets we sold off wholesale resulting in greater unemployment, reductions in standards of living, and a loosening of working conditions.

Why a Revolution is the Only Available Option

On an international scale it is estimated that one billion human beings have died as a result of state-corporate labour market decisions, and this slaughter is only intensifying. Since the international credit crunch of 2007 and the resulting economic depression the idea of reform has been in the air – even inside the state-corporate citadels.