Smash England

Obstructed in Scotland by a constitutional framework designed to eternally frustrate independence, and stuck to a state that will – as it has again and again in the past – change the goalposts to benefit the union, it stands to reason that we can achieve infinitely more and faster by stoking division in England than we ever can by trying to unify a Scotland already mentally colonised and socio-politically divided by England. Those of us of a certain generation will remember the words of Robert de Brus, the father of Robert the Bruce, in the film Braveheart...

What Some People Need is to Suffer More

Follow @UrFhasaidh Revolution, the social realisation of necessary change, requires that a critical mass of the global working population wake up to what is happening around them. At present, around the world there are the stirrings of real revolutionary movements. Tens of thousands are mobilising on the streets of Greece and Spain, in Scotland and … Continue reading What Some People Need is to Suffer More