Fatal Foetal Abnormality and the Eighth Amendment

There is a case to be made that in the eventuality of a fatal abnormality the foetus may be considered not an “unborn” for the purposes of the eighth amendment, or that if considered an “unborn” then its right to life may be presumed unengaged as it has no real prospect of life outside the womb.

Islamophobia and the War on Muslim Women

At every stage of this global crisis Muslim women, in one way or another, have been central to the framing of a wholly artificial clash of civilisations. Now in the United Kingdom, through the November festival of war, Muslim women are being targeted again; this time to both apologise for their faith and culture, and to demonstrate their allegiance to Britain by wearing the poppy hijab.

Why the Language of ‘Mansplaining’ Isn’t Helpful

Follow @UrFhasaidh At some point we all have to acknowledge that we are all racist, we are all misogynist, all classist; we are all prejudiced at some level because we are all real human beings conditioned by the reality in which we live. Disturbing as this is to admit, it merely demonstrates the powerful social … Continue reading Why the Language of ‘Mansplaining’ Isn’t Helpful