In Defence of Occupation

Only a few minutes’ walk from the quays, tucked in behind Tara Street DART station, a small revolution is taking place. Home Sweet Home was the brainchild of Ballymun man Quintin Sheridan.

If Democracy Actually Changed Anything…

Democracy is and has always been the pleasant whitewash over the oligarchy that always and everywhere exists at its heart. In this regard Britain and Ireland are no different from the United States, Russia, and more explicitly totalitarian regimes such as China and North Korea – the priorities and actions of the State always reflect the interests of the ruling class.

What is the Purpose of the Law?

Nowhere in the capitalist world is the law intended to protect human beings qua persons with certain inalienable rights. Where such rights are protected they are protected not on the basis of the essential rights of people to the necessities of life, but rather on the basis of the requirements of the capitalist economy – the god and chief arbiter of capitalist justice.