Crackdown on the Cybernats

“Cybernats,” a term deliberately coined and deployed to carry all the connotations of Nazism and vermin, behind their often anonymous profiles, are Scottish voters and members of the public. Collectively they embody the real grassroots of Scottish society, and thus give the lie to unionists’ claim to represent the opinion of real Scots. Unionism does not like cybernats.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

We have known for a long time that the media comes with a bias, and for far too long too many people have simply accepted this as part of the package. Like Pavlov’s dogs we have gotten used to the power imbalance and made our peace with it. None of this defeatism is now necessary; as we have the tools at our disposal to circumvent the narrative that the establishment is trying to spoon-feed us and find alternative sources of information.