The United Nations and the Cookie Cutter State

Few would argue that peace is an undesirable outcome of international intervention in any regional or national conflict, but there are many differing constructions or models of peace, and one must ask whether that created or imposed by the UN is the best of all possible peaces.

Violence is the Words that we Speak

Follow @UrFhasaidh Words describe our worlds and realities. Words describe and define, and in defining they assume the power to imprison people and ideas within their limits. Words assume a knowledge over the cosmos. They imagine they have control. ‘I am hungry’ defines me, yet the same in another language, ‘Tha an t-acras orm’ threatens … Continue reading Violence is the Words that we Speak

Peace Won by the King’s Shilling or a War Chest from Europe

Follow @UrFhasaidh As a Scot seasoned in a campaign for Scotland’s independence against the Westminster establishment and its BBC lapdog, it galls me to read Jonathan Powell, former Downing Street Chief of Staff under Tony Blair, pontificate on peace-building through risky dialogue. In every paragraph his words stink to high heaven with that nauseating stench … Continue reading Peace Won by the King’s Shilling or a War Chest from Europe

Is Peace a Social Construct?

Follow @UrFhasaidh Introducing his discussion on the particular bespoke nature of the ‘Liberal Peace’ in Northern Ireland (The Liberal Peace at Home and Abroad: Northern Ireland and Liberal Internationalism, 2009) Roger MacGinty uncritically accepts Michael Howard's assertion that peace itself is a social construction, and so continues to develop his discussion adjuring his readers to … Continue reading Is Peace a Social Construct?