Do we need a Section 30 Order?

McHarg writes that the requirement for a Section 30 order – that is the permission of the London government to call a referendum – is not actually an expressly reserved matter.


Thinking a Just Society

A truly just society is a society in which the social and the procedural are reunited in common purpose, where the law serves the demands of social justice. Justice in this sense is where people, both as individuals and as communities, take priority over claims to wealth, property, and power.

What is the Purpose of the Law?

Nowhere in the capitalist world is the law intended to protect human beings qua persons with certain inalienable rights. Where such rights are protected they are protected not on the basis of the essential rights of people to the necessities of life, but rather on the basis of the requirements of the capitalist economy – the god and chief arbiter of capitalist justice.