“Scexit:” Language and the Psychology of Control

“Scexit” has entered the field. This isn’t quite the #Sexit of sexy socialism. This is a fundamental reframing of independence as a Brexit-like Scottish exit from the United Kingdom rather than the affirmation of nationhood-to-statehood that independence describes. Just as Brexit requires Europe in order to have meaning, Scexit requires England. Scexit, as an imposed terminology, makes Scottish independence about England – whereas “independence” was and is only ever about Scotland.


Back to Scotland in Search of Some Gàidhlig

Follow @UrFhasaidh Learning Gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic) was never going to be easy, and sooner or later I knew that I would have to escape the books and the YouTube videos and return to Scotland in search of somewhere where I might experience it as a spoken language. Instead of heading straight for one of the … Continue reading Back to Scotland in Search of Some Gàidhlig