Honesty is required in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel and Palestine can exist only behind their respective sides of the 1967 Green Line. Yet when this point comes to the table the dishonesty begins. It is true that there are elements within Palestine who would do Israel harm, but these are exceptions, and as we have seen in the most recent Israeli invasion of Gaza their capabilities are insignificant in comparison to Israel’s armed forces.

Religion is not the Cause of all War

ideas do not cause or fight wars – people do. It is true that religious people fight, but then so do music lovers. There is certainly no evidence to suggest that religious people are more likely to be combatants than Atheists, and neither is their evidence to suggest that religious ideas are any more likely to be a contributing factor in conflicts than non-religious ideas such as Capitalism, Socialism, or Democracy for example.

Peace Won by the King’s Shilling or a War Chest from Europe

Follow @UrFhasaidh As a Scot seasoned in a campaign for Scotland’s independence against the Westminster establishment and its BBC lapdog, it galls me to read Jonathan Powell, former Downing Street Chief of Staff under Tony Blair, pontificate on peace-building through risky dialogue. In every paragraph his words stink to high heaven with that nauseating stench … Continue reading Peace Won by the King’s Shilling or a War Chest from Europe