What is the Real Purpose of Government Surveillance?

Full spectrum surveillance of whole populations, ranging from on street closed circuit cameras, to wholesale spying on emails and online activity, to the developments of smart devices for listening into conversations in people’s homes has become the norm.

Austerity is nothing but the Continuation of the Shock Doctrine

In the name of tightening our belts and living within our means, to save the world, far-reaching spending cuts were introduced, largescale programmatic deregulatory policies were rolled out, and state assets we sold off wholesale resulting in greater unemployment, reductions in standards of living, and a loosening of working conditions.

The Precariat and the Passing of the Working Class

Under the pretext of making national economies more competitive the Reaganite and Thatcherite dogma of labour force flexibility was introduced across the Western hemisphere. Programmes of private home ownership such as the British ‘Right to Buy’ initiative allowing working families to buy their previously state-owned homes effectively financialised the household by enslaving workers to systems of debt through the banks.