In Bad Faith

Blessings are conditional. However we think of them, and wherever we think they originate, blessings are gifts – special graces – which we can accept and discard. That is in our gift. We have the right of refusal. Blessed with love, we cannot take our lovers and loved ones for granted. We cannot take without giving in return. The gift of love is not a certificate of ownership. Likewise, the blessing and gift of life is conditional. Its continuation and renewal always and everywhere depend on our generous acceptance of the gift and our loving care for the blessing.

Why Would a Tory have Compassion for an Animal?

It’s no mystery that our Tory masters have reduced animals to things incapable of feeling pain or thinking thoughts in order to exploit nature – and profit from it – as much as they possibly can. Killing beasts and people is always about pennies, albeit millions and millions of pennies – but pennies nonetheless. Why wouldn’t they do this to animals? If you can be so cruel to a defenceless animal you can do the same to a child.

Another Brilliant Adventure of Skye the Parakeet

Follow @UrFhasaidh Skye has been uncharacteristically sociable of late. On his escapes from his cage he has taken to landing on the desk and playing with pens and assaulting the laptop screen. He hasn’t behaved like this since before he got himself a girlfriend. At first I thought that this was a sign that he … Continue reading Another Brilliant Adventure of Skye the Parakeet