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Welcome to the Random Public Journal! “RPJ” by Jeggit is all about the news and opinion on the news. In the twenty-first century we have come to a greater understanding – thanks to the magic of the internet and social media in particular – that the mainstream media isn’t always our friend. Noam Chomsky and others have have shown us the part media plays in the manufacture of public consent, effectively making the news and many other forms of media an arm of government and private, corporate interest. As such it is used to gain popular support for policies and actions which benefit them, but which are often against our own best interests.

Informed consent is important for the healthy functioning of our democracies, but uninformed or misguided consent is no consent at all. This is where the RPJ blog, as an alternative media, hopes to fill some gaps. You can follow updates by subscribing to the site or by following RPJ on Twitter and Facebook by clicking the links below.


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Hello! I am Jason Michael (Jeggit), the editor and content creator of the RPJ blog. I am passionate about social and environmental justice, human rights, liberation theology, and Scottish independence. I have studied at the Pontifical University of Salamanca in Spain and the University of Dublin (Trinity College) in Ireland, and have a bachelors degree in theology and a masters degree in race, ethnicity, and conflict. In my career so far I have been a representative to the International Council of Christians and Jews, a cultural exchange facilitator between Ireland and Palestine, and a research fellow for the University of West Flanders based at the In Flanders Fields museum in Ypres, Belgium.

I am a native of Kilmarnock in Ayrshire and a past pupil of Kilmarnock Academy. I think I was fifteen years old when I finally realised the name of the town was not “Kilmarnock-nil,” but my television debut happened when the BBC filmed me on on top of a phonebox when Killie won the Scottish Cup back in 1997 after beating Falkirk 1-0 at Ibrox.

As a freelance journalist I contribute regular articles to iScot Magazine and the Butterfly Rebellion. You can find me on Twitter, at Mochaland Café on Ormond Quay, and sometimes at Doyle’s Bar on College Green in Dublin.



The title header artwork and Jeggit’s profile picture were created by the wonderful and talented DefiAye. She is undoubtedly Ayrshire’s artistic gift to the “divisive nationalists” of Scotland.

032Jason Michael is the author of the Random Public Journal
He is an expat Scot who lives in Dublin, Ireland.
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