By Jason Michael

WHAT DOES IT MATTER that Ruth Davidson has been introduced in ermine to the House of Lords in Westminster? As the leader of the unionist Conservative Party in Scotland she failed to win a single election, as a defender of the union she failed to maintain a majority for the current constitutional arrangement, and as a dyed-in-the-wool loyalist she has failed to preserve Scotland’s affection for the English monarchy. Ruth ‘rape clause’ Davidson has been rewarded for her efforts for Britain, a Britain — like it or not — Scottish people voted to remain in chains to in 2014.

This is how loyalism in Britain works. It does not need you to love it, want it, care for it. The super-rich British establishment has all the power because it has all the money. Democracy has no control over it because it controls democracy; it owns or has massive influence over the media instruments which ‘inform’ democracy, and so can rest assured nothing will change that it doesn’t want to change. And when it wins, as it always will, it will rub its triumph in your face. It doesn’t need you to like it. All that is required of you is that you know your place.

When are we going to realise that the British system is like quicksand? The more we struggle, the deeper we sink, the more stuck we become.

Only this morning the BBC in Scotland, the principle weapon of the union in our country, was attacking the Edinburgh administration (let’s stop calling it a government — it’s a devolved British administration) over affordable housing. The unionists don’t give a shit about affordable houses for the kinds of people who need ‘affordable’ houses. Unionism is the prevailing political ideology of the wealthy British establishment, a ruling elite which depends on our poverty to safeguard its own wealth and power and privilege. The only reason the BBC was up in arms about affordable houses was to distract us from the shit-show that London’s decision to lift all restrictions has become.

Right now, all over Scotland, supermarket shelves are bare because trade has been seriously and irreparably disrupted with Europe. London’s xenophobic immigration polcies have ensured a critical lack of [low paid] foreign workers, the very people who have traditionally done the dirty, dangerous, and dehumanising jobs that keep our economy ticking. Farm labourers have gone. Fruit pickers have gone. Truck drivers have gone. What did we think was going to happen?

In Scotland, as over the rest of the United Kingdom, the cost of living is rising sharply as a result of Brexit. Higher prices for food and other basic essentials unavoidably means people — many of whom were already below the poverty line — will go hungry. Without even mentioning what this means for those who are forced to rely on foodbanks, we know what is happening to working families at the bottom and near the bottom of the economic heap. No food in the supermarkets, more expensive food elsewhere, equates to no food in the cupboards. Schools — schools in working-class areas — are asking children to bring in non-perishables to stock community larders to make up for the shortfall in the foodbanks, teachers are working harder than ever to organise basic sustenance for children during the holidays. And we are to believe London cares about affordable houses?

This, dear reader, is what defeat looks like. Britain has always used hunder to punish its victims. Our defeat is an empty stomach and the shameful feeling that we are eating as our neighbours go hungry. But this is what we voted for. This is the political system we chose to trust. So long as sensible middle-class opinion refuses to question what passes for democracy in Scotland, so long as the British administration in Edinburgh goes along with the charade that it has the power to negotiate with London, so long as ordinary working people acquiesce to this heartless regime — so long as the collaboration continues — this is what we get. This is the future.

There is no winning an independence referendum that is never coming! ‘Vote SNP’ for the power to decide our own future? ‘Both votes SNP’ to keep Nicola Sturgeon fighting for independence? How many times since 2015 have we been promised another referendum? I have lost count. After every election the subject goes quiet, hiding behind another set of excuses. And please don’t read this as support for ALBA. This isn’t about support for one party over the other, it is a blanket criticism of all politics that imagines it can beat a system using the tools of that system. Everything in British democracy, be it in Holyrood, Senedd Cymru, Stormont, or Westminster, is carefully designed to protect the integrity of the British colonial system.

When are we going to realise that the British system is like quicksand? The more we struggle, the deeper we sink, the more stuck we become. There is no negotiating with Britain. Hungry people shouldn’t have to beg for scraps. It is permissible for starving people to steal food. This is what we have to get into our heads. Scotland is being smothered. Our nation is being starved of everything that it needs to survive, to benefit all the children of our nation equally. It is permissible for us to stand up and smash the system that is destroying us.

This is what Ruth Davidson in ermine is really all about; we are being shown who has the power, who has the wealth, who has the privilege — and it ain’t us. As, in this perverted thinking, the monarch embodies the state and the constitution, Ruth in her new finery embodies what we are meant to accept — that we are defeated. This is quite actually lording it over us. Many will no doubt feel the same frustration I do at this horror of a situation, but that changes nothing. Ultimately, it changes nothing and nothing will change until we take the next step and change how we do things. We will never be shot of these parasites until we decide to use our own tools and resources and tear down the master’s house all the way to the fundaments.


The French Revolution: Crash Course World History

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19 thoughts on “Lording It Over Us

  1. “This is what Ruth Davidson in ermine is really all about; we are being shown who has the power, who has the wealth, who has the privilege — and it ain’t us.” You are so right, Jason! That the unelected Scottish Tory Baroness of Lundin Links should be sit in the English Parliament of the UK is one big demonstration of “Know your Place” to Scotland. It tells us that our elections mean nothing. The English Elite will put us in our place and choose who governs us.

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  2. It is something of a quantum leap to move the debate from how to achieve independence to fomenting revolution.
    The route to independence has not yet been fully explored; section 30 is not the only option though the apparently myopic, publicly expressed view of the SNP may cause us to think it is.
    Yet here you seem to be fomenting revolution. Through what means?
    Civil disobedience? What does that look like?
    Selective strikes at the state….. how?
    In the absence of a political opportunity to bring about change it sounds as though some radical insurrection is driving your thinking.
    That there is an ad for a history course citing the French Revolution suggests this is an indication of how you see the way forward.
    While I applaud all that you write here about inequality, the hierarchical nature of society and the need to dismantle the walls that enclose us I fear that preaching Revolution is way too premature and radical for the common five eigths

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  3. I moved from the Red Road tower blocks to an instantly better life in Norway. It’s no utopia due to the human condition. You won’t be hungry or homeless. It’s civilised. There’s a reason why you don’t bump into any Norwegians living here in Scotland. I told Trump that when he asked that very question.
    Could all be so easily developed here.
    We must take it by all justifiable means.

    Jason: Don’t throw in the towel like some other’s. We need you here. Thank you.

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  4. Jason, I drew the same conclusion some time ago. To play by their rules is to play a rigged game the British can only win.
    I have given up on the naive hope of a referendum that I don’t even feel the bulk of Scots can, at this time, be trusted to make an informed decision on anyway.
    It’s my believe that independence must be taken and by all necessary means and I also believe it must be thrust upon a people too cowed and brow beaten to truly understand why it is necessary. When the illusion they currently live under
    is suddenly stripped away, THEN shall they finally see the reality that self determination in normal and that they have been living in an utterly dysfunctional and abusive relationship.

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  5. Hey don’t knock the poor woman – she had to do an awful lot of bowing and scraping and boot licking to get where she is today!

    But look on the bright side. If she’s in London the she’s not in Scotland.

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  6. “… So long as sensible middle-class opinion refuses to question what passes for democracy in Scotland… ”

    We all know people just like her: those who would, with just the right degree of regret, push you ever so carefully under the bus. They are generally Tory, but they are almost always middle-class or have aspirations to be middle-class. The middle-class is the greatest consumer of education but knows little to nothing; it is so self-righteously on the side of ‘right’ as to be utterly vacuous and pointlessly cruel and evil; it is always looking for the next ‘good cause’ (or puerile s***e) while grinding its heel into the neck of those who dare to hold up a mirror to it. It is, in a phrase, society’s ‘attack dog’ and will always be in the vanguard of any revolution that ensures its own survival and that of the ruling elite at the expense of everyone else’s.

    The top of the SNP is littered with such people just as much as the Tory party, and Labour takes great pride in its betrayal of every aspiration its founders ever had. Power (and wealth) and/or the hogging of it is even more addictive than the brain-numbing products of the billion-dollar porn industry that has created a whole new slave trade that the virtue-signallers, busy demanding that statues of the old ones be torn down, pretend not to notice.

    There’s no kudos in anything that you actually have to work at to get rid of, not when you can attack statues of old men whose ill-gotten gains actually provided the university whose learning you have plundered to the detriment of the poor, black and white, who really need an education, and who would at least put it to some use by actually being revolutionary, and thinking about what needs to be done to make things better for the majority.

    Or would they, too, just be sucked into the middle-class desert of things that do not matter in the slightest because they are all twaddle. It is so easy not to think because, then, you don’t have to think about what actually matters, rather than spout the daft, embryo notions that have wormed their way into the thing that passes for your brain. If there is anything more nauseating than a middle-class ‘I have it but don’t want to let you have it’, it is middle-class youth that knows nothing about anything, cares even less, but still manages to lift the prize. Scotland is infested with them.

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    1. What? Pol Pot was a murdering barsteward, a totalitarian monster of depravity who was responsible for the deaths of over three million of his own people, albeit he used the vacuous and gullible youth to do it. Don’t you know that youth is almost always authoritarian? Have you never been young? Mao’s Red Guards? Hitler Youth? The youth brigades of Stalin who seamlessly moved into the KGB?

      Having left of centre views is healthy and a reasonable opposition to the right. When it lurches towards the far left – as we are seeing with GRA reform, the hate crime legislation, et al, it starts to worm its way up into its own nether regions, throwing open the door to the far right as it disappears up its own fundament. This is what we are seeing in Scotland today: the two sides of the totalitarian coin in one cosy coterie. And that’s before we turn to look at Westminster and the a**eh***s who invest that particular sewer. The ordinary people are being shafted royally by multiple assailants.

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    2. Yes, Max, I did realise it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. The middle-class is always the problem because it is always comfortable enough to be able to be vacuous and filled with ennui to the point that it seeks relief by immersing itself in some ‘good’ cause or other. Often, it imbues its latest cause celebre with a meaning that it cannot possibly have except in some deluded corner of its middle-class mind, so that it creates chaos and misery out of what was just misery before: it changes everything in order to change nothing, particularly its own cosseted existence.

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  7. Yes and when you mention empty supermarket shelves, a shocking example of a country f wrenching the U.K. out of with a supply chain in meltdown, one doesn’t hear a cheep about why.

    Neither does one really hear about the industries hitting stop for lack of material. Construction works running out of cement, reinforcement, or even material like plasterboard. Or car assemblers unable to get components. This is not COVID caused. Rather it is the chaos of an ill considered, belligerent exit from the EU.

    And the medicine shortages that pharmacies are trying to manage. Like supermarkets the6 have their empty shelves. But does the average punter in Scotland care. I don’t think they do.

    I suppose at the end of the day too many of the masses have not had their faces ground hard enough into the gutter to make them want change. Indeed, one suspects it will take another Georta Mor or Highland Clearance for some of our citizens to care.

    But hey, being a peasant in your own land, looked after by a benevolent Queen, that’s the ticket we like.


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