By Jason Michael

Speaking from Aberdeenshire at a two o’clock press conference this afternoon, Alex Salmond — the former leader of the Scottish National Party and First Minister — announced his immediate return to Scottish politics. He announced the launch of a new pro-independence party, Alba, which will field candidates on the regional list vote in the upcoming Holyrood elections on 6 May.

Since the end of February Mr Salmond and his team have been liaising with a number of pro-independence activists and bloggers behind the scenes to prepare the way for this announcement and to ensure the furthest possible reach of the news across the independence movement. Let me be the first to admit that this was an exceptionally difficult secret to keep. Fair play to all involved, who managed managed to keep shtum for so long. This is, of course, the news many of us had been waiting for, but we must appreciate that not everyone will be delighted.

Regardless of personal opinions, however, this development at last allows us to settle down into the coming election campaign and work to bring about not only an SNP majority or a pro-independence majority in the Scottish parliament, but a ‘supermajority’ that will deprive a significant number of unionist MSPs of their seats. This supermajority, if achieved, will create a powerful dynamism at the heart of our country’s politics — allowing us to put unprecedented pressure on the Westminster government to give us what we all want, a ‘legal’ and mutually agreed referendum on Scottish independence. This is now within our reach. Let’s get to work.


Press Conference – Alex Salmond #AlexSalmond

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16 thoughts on “Salmond Returning to Politics

    1. We want the list vote split..snp on course to win most constituency seats, therefore they’ll be punished in regional (list) seats. The more constituency seats snp win the more list seats will be handed to tories and labour if the list isn’t split..to remove the unionists we have to ensure only their core voters give them list voted. This denies them the freebie lost seats gifted by snp winning most constituency seats. If you go on you tube there’s plenty videos by all the parties telling you how it works. I’d link a link to Stephen paton of the greens explaining it, but not sure of the rules on linking other sites


  1. Thanks, Lottie. I can follow the bit about the more constituency seats SNP get the fewer the list seats they will win. It’s what happens after that I can’t get my head around especially if there are a large number of different list parties and how we make sure independence supporting parties win some of the seats (or more hopefully a lot of the seats).

    I’ll look further into it.


    1. It would be better if there was just one list party per region. There is no competition for votes and you maximise the chances of pro-Independence (non-SNP) parties chances of winning.

      But the best bet of all would simply for all to get behind ALBA – they’ve got the profile with Alex at the helms and (if he is to believed) some more big names, other than those already announced, to come.

      Plus they’ll get the funding from enthusiasts (like me) looking for a new home – I’m staying in Scotland but moving to ALBA.


  2. OMG! I am just soooooo happy! After all the misery of late it feels like the cavalry has arrived at the last minute. And you….you knew ya bugger that you are 😀


  3. This re-energises the movement.

    Two parties. One maxing the constituency seats, with the other maximising the regional list seats. In 2016 over 953,000 votes yielded 4 SNP seats whilst 956,000 votes yielded 45 unionist seats.

    What message could be simpler SNP1 and SNP2 for a super charged super majority. And although the remaining 28 Alba candidates remain to be announced next week this next parliament is going to be supercharged with talent.

    And as for the reinvigoration of the independence movement news is that Partiadh Alba attracted over 10,000 members in the 9 hours after launch. No wonder the BBC in their prime time News at Ten devoted the first eight minutes to a vile full out attack on the new party and Alex Salmond.

    For all supporting Scottish Independence yesterday was a very uplifting day, let the weekend reviews roll, and early next week let us await the excitement of the names of remaining candidates.

    SNP1 and Alba 2. It couldn’t be simpler.


  4. The vileness of the continued smearing against AS really does the SNP no credit. Westminster’s full on
    attack using their propaganda lapdog BBC, and other outlets like the Groaniad simply shows they fear him
    more than Pazuzu crapped it from Father Merrin in the Exorcist.

    It’s highly honourable that that the AFI have stood down and any others need to do the same. Perhaps
    Alba can absorb the cream from all the others.

    O.T I wonder what’ll happen to my substantial donation I gave AFI? I’ve already gave Alba £500, so
    y’know, just thinking out loud..


  5. … Sorry mate, but it’s been bugging me…
    Should the last sentence but one not read,”This is *now* within our reach.”?

    …. sorry again….(and apologies if I’m in fact wrong!) 😀


  6. In 2016 the SNP polled over 953,000 votes and got 4 seats. Correspondingly 956,000 secured 45 unionist seats.

    In May it is forecast that the SNP will secure around 63. They will not however secure 1regional seat.

    Salmond’s Alba partaidh resolves that as the circa 1,000,000 votes will give around an EXTRA 30 Alba seats.

    64 plus 30 equals 90 seats out of a 129 seat parliament.

    SNP 1 and Alba 2. It makes perfect sense.

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