By Jason Michael

HAD WE BE INFORMED that we had just 43 days left until we would be forcibly separated from our families and friends, dismissed from our employment, compelled to eat less, and do without essential medicines, how long would it take us to organise resistance? If a significant number of people in the country were faced with this threat – plainly put into these terms – then by tomorrow afternoon barricades and other hastily prepared street fortifications would be in place. People in every town and city would be working together to defend their homes and families, and prepared to resist the authorities with physical force if needs be. It would not be long until measures were taken by the general population to take the fight to the government.

Today there are just 43 days left until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, and most likely without a deal. Quite frankly, it has become too tiring, too mentally exhausting to repeat again the catalogue of woes such a no-deal Brexit will bring. But many people will be forced to leave their homes and their communities, families will be divided, food and medicines will be rationed. These are simply the facts of a no-deal scenario, and still there is no proper organised resistance in the United Kingdom to what the British government is about to do.

The reason for this lack of preparation is the smoke screen with which the British government has covered its Brexit plans, the fog of war – the so-called cloud of uncertainty. So far, in the popular imagination, the no-deal “Apocalypse” scenario remains a mere threatening possibility. The delaying tactics of the British Prime Minister and her Cabinet have functioned so as to keep people in the dark and clinging to the hope that a deal will, in the end, be worked out. While there are doomsayers – like myself – predicting the worst, and while there are a great many in the media and on social media sounding the alarm bells, the fact is that the majority of people just want to get on with their lives, and in order to do this they naturally shut out the warnings of impending disaster.

So long as the no-deal Brexit remains only a possibility, the vast majority of people will put it to the back of their minds and go about their business. Yet, with every day that passes, and as a Brexit deal continues to fall over the future horizon, the likelihood of us being caught unawares in the last few days before 29 March increases. Theresa May’s antics; her constant kicking of the “meaningful vote” down the road, points to the real possibility that this is her strategy – it now looks as though the British government’s plan is to keep people calm by keeping them in the dark.

What will happen on 29 March or in the days before it when those who have been deceived wake up to discover that their worst nightmare has just become a reality – when they haven’t the messages in? What sort of panic do we imagine spreading over the country, and in what way will hundreds of thousands of confused and frightened people’s anger and frustration manifest itself? Sure, there are plenty of armchair commenters out there telling us that there will be no trouble, that we are too civilised to descend into civil disorder. But such paragons of “Keep Calm and Carry On” have singularly failed to see the civil disorder that is already happening right under their noses.

In the days after the Grenfell Tower disaster Theresa May had to be rushed out of the area after visiting a select group of effendis in a nearby church. Without the police presence to protect her, the Prime Minister may well have been torn apart by the angry mob. That mob is still angry. All the social tensions bubbling away inside Britain are fast reaching boiling point. The lids on all the pots are rattling; the riots over the last imprisonment of the racist thug Tommy Robinson, the growing agitation of the extreme far-right all over England, and now the daily disturbances caused by the proto-fascist British yellow vests movement. Britain has a serious anger management problem, and Brexit – a no-deal Brexit – is about to knock off all the control valves and unleash hell.

We are now watching as the butcher sharpens his blade. Scottish and English police are undergoing military training for deployment on the island of Ireland. The British Army is retraining to man the Irish border. Some three and a half thousand soldiers have been put into a state of readiness to respond to unrest in Great Britain, with thousands more on reserve. The British government is gearing up for a showdown with the people of Scotland, England, Wales, and the occupied six counties. The UK is going into lockdown and we are locked in.

In less than two months things are going to change. If we crash out of Europe without a deal, we are going to experience something much like a military coup – a swift military crackdown. Sadly, it now looks as though we will not be prepared to resist it or even defend ourselves, and so we must prepare for the worst. Depending on the intensity of the panicked civilian response – rioting and wholesale civil disorder – and how far it spreads and how rapidly it spreads, we may well experience the imposition of martial law, and the preparations for this are already well underway. In the event of martial law being enforced, democracy and many of our civil and political liberties and rights will be suspended. For all intents and purposes the United Kingdom will be a military dictatorship not unlike the conditions foisted on the north of Ireland – which lasted over 30 years.

Personally, I no longer think we have our act together enough to make this nightmare an impossibility. The axe is already at the root. Of course, I hope I am wrong, but all the evidence – I am sad to say – is with my prediction. All we can do between now and then, in the assumption that the majority remains asleep, is start our own preparations: Stockpile what food and medicines you can – if you are not already doing that, prepare yourselves as best you can to protect your families, your homes, and your businesses, and ready yourselves to face a very difficult time. As Jean-Claude Junker said, “there is a special place in hell” for those who have done this to us.


Theresa May Calls in the Troops

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10 thoughts on “Prepare Yourselves for the Worst

  1. Beyond stockpiling:
    – Always have the bath full of water (water is essential)
    – Have some no-cook or low-cook food…you may not always have fuel/elec
    – Get a solar powered or hand crank light

    Westminster has been doing a horrific join-the-dots picture so the public wouldn’t see the final outcome until it was too late. How can we expect the public to be activist when the SNP has been acting as if everything is normal. Fighting the same political battles in Hollyrood while Government members either saying nothing….or writing opinion pieces saying ‘wait, wait, wait’..

    If Corrbyn is the midwife of Brexit…I’m sorry but if it is a no-deal Brexit, the SNP will be the handmaidens of trapping Scotland to this train wreck.

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  2. I submitted the following comment to an article in The National. I think it may interest you.
    “Immediately it’s known that there’s NO DEAL the Scottish Parliament should revoke the Treaty and Act of Union, to be followed by a confirmatory referendum, and appeal to the EU and the UN to recognise Scotland as independent Country. Scottish members of the British military should be called to immediately resign and form a Scottish Defence Force to protect Scots from the British Military whom May will send in to suppress what she will think of a revolution. It will not be revolution; it will be a revocation of the Treaty and Act of Union by the only Parliament elected by the Sovereign People of Scotland.
    The Scottish Government and Parliament must act to protect the people of Scotland from the oppression of the English government of the UK!”

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    1. @steelewires
      If the Scottish Government do that then, SURE…that changes everything. But if the SNP roll over and hope to act in the years after Brexit…my comment stands.

      I have long expected the First Minister has been working on an ejector seat option…(the timing of the US visit gave me hope). However, YES’s job is to agitate for action and create the room and validity for SNP to act. YES must operation on the assumption that nothing is certain until it is announced.


  3. Some of us are preparing by organising the YES Movement with materials and plans to demonstrate and educate.
    We need more turned to yes for the imminent time when our FM calls a section 30.
    This will only be the beginning and I am not going to speculate how it will pan out.
    Rest assured not in a straight forward way.


    1. If there is a NO DEAL Brexit, there will be no time for a Section 30. Under international law we don’t need one. An Act of the Scottish Parliament revoking the Treaty and Act of Union, followed by a corroboratory referendum will suffice.

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  4. “the United Kingdom will be a military dictatorship not unlike the conditions foisted on the north of Ireland – which lasted over 30 years.”

    Let me remind those who do not already know this – the British Military State continues to practice Internment in Occupied Ireland and administers Diplock Courts. The precedent is set to expand this function (as indicated) beyond their current targets.


  5. The ‘Friends of Wings Over Scotland’ gathering in Dows Bar, Glasgow, on March 2nd, will be one of the last chances for like-minded Yessers to meet in person before Brexit.
    Some of us will be there from mid-afternoon to set-up the function room upstairs, but others are arriving around 2-ish so we’ll have to use the main bar until later afternoon/early evening. There is no wheelchair access for upstairs so we’ll be using downstairs too. Approx 50 people have already confirmed intention to attend but the final number will certainly be 80+. We are bringing our own (cold) food and are arranging our own music, raffle etc and will have the place until closing time. (If the venue meets general approval then we may use it more regularly as independence draws nearer.)
    This is primarily a social event, with no speeches/workshops etc planned, but is a valuable opportunity to discuss the many serious challenges now facing us i.e. those described by Jason above.
    If you do plan to attend please let me know via the off-topic page on Wings https://wingsoverscotland.com/off-topic/ I just need an indea of numbers, so if you want to use nicknames, whatever, that’s fine.
    Cheers abody, as aye, and I hope you, Jason, don’t mind me using this reply to plug the gig.


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