By Jason Michael

IT IS CLEAR that it is a matter of policy for the Scottish National Party to distance itself quickly from any and all sources of criticism and controversy arising from the British establishment media. By no means is my treatment by the SNP in the past few days unique. Rather, as we can all see from the pattern that has formed, I am but the latest casualty in a media war campaign right now being waged by the British establishment against the alternative media of the Scottish independence cause. Had we thought for a single moment that Britain would not behave like this, we are naïve to the point of utter stupidity. Our thoughts may be divided on the SNP’s response, with some imagining it a means of keeping the party above reproach and others – like myself – seeing it as an attempt to struggle against Britain by engaging it on Britain’s terms.

It matters little what we think of the National Party’s policy, as it is the policy it has adopted – and we are left in the predicament that the SNP remains the only viable political vehicle capable of moving us to our common goal of independence. What this means is simple: We must swallow our pride – those of us who have pride to swallow – and renew our efforts in support of the democratic and political process in which the SNP is leading us. Of course, there are many of us wounded and nursing hurt feelings over what has happened. But let me assure you: That’s politics.

We cannot win independence now without the SNP. All our efforts are in vain, whether radical or alternative, if those efforts are not working in accord with the efforts of the whole movement; moving in the same direction as all the people and groups now on the march. So, allow me to be clear: I pledge my commitment to support the SNP in the job that it is doing. I will not engage myself in any activism aimed at harming or undermining the work it is doing. I will not make one single elected representative of the SNP my personal or political enemy. We may not agree on many things, we may never be able to rely on their good will or their support, we may never be close friends, but, and in spite of all this, they are allies and comrades in a common struggle.

Since the beginning of this British tactic of isolating and destroying pro-independence activists, a number of important lessons have been learnt. These are lessons we must not forget. From now on we have to take it for granted that we no longer have support from above. We are on our own. Each of us must learn to support one another and drink from our own wells. It is the nature of all campaigns against power that those on the outside will be vulnerable to all sorts of attacks from the power-aligned media. Nothing is sacred. Our characters and reputations will be subject to attack. Our families and private lives will be subject to attack. Our jobs and professions will be fair game. And we have to be prepared for this. It does not matter that a starting pistol has not been fired. From the behaviour of the British establishment in recent months, it is clear Britain is already on the march to war, and we – you and me – are the targets. Nothing about this second push for independence will be nice, civil, or polite. At this very moment we are on the threshold of hell.

Every effort will now be made by the British government and its powerful political and media establishment to isolate, blacken, and indeed criminalise the political representatives of the independence campaign. Anyone now prepared to stand up for Scotland and its freedom will be harassed and bombarded by a negative and vindictive media campaign operated by human beings who do not even know how to spell morality. Reputations, careers, and lives they will seek to destroy in order to keep this union together – to keep our resources firmly in the grip of the British imperialist regime. So, ask yourself right now: Is this your fight?

If we are not ready for this, if we are not prepared for the very worst we can possibly imagine, then today is the time for you to walk away. This is only the beginning, and things are going to get rougher, tougher, and more painful. Sisters and brothers, if this frightens you, if these words cause you to panic, today is the time for you to step aside. The games are over. But if you are reading this and think you are ready, then today is the time to step up. We may not be perfectly united, but despite our petty divisions and our lack of support from the most powerful in the movement, we are perfectly united in a common cause – and that is all that matters. Time is fast running out and Britain has brought the battle to us. So, stand firm. Stand with one another, because we are winning – all we must do is stand our ground, shoulder to shoulder.

As for me, I’m angry. I’m raging. My treatment and the treatment of my colleagues and friends has stoked up the fire in my belly. If they thought they’d put me off, intimidate me, frighten me – by Jove – they’re in for one hell of a shock. This little tour of mine is going to continue, and now I won’t be playing nice. No more will I be appealing for polite encouragement and a gentle stirring of those in the political leadership of the movement. From now on I will be roaring and shouting, kicking and screaming. If they want to stop me, it had better be with a bullet. We have been and we will remain a democratic movement for independence. Nothing of this is about to chance. What has changed is the resolve, and I am resolved – I will see Scotland free! Are you with me?

I have made my peace with those I love. I have made my peace with my heart and soul. I have made my peace with all that is sacred to me. As of today, I am on campaign and I will not be taking my hand from the plough until this is over, however it ends. Friends, there is not a doubt in my mind that your thoughts are the same. So, let us get up and get on with the task at hand – knowing better the realities of who we can and cannot depend on for support. No one can free us but we ourselves.


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9 thoughts on “Getting on With the Day Job

  1. I’m angry at the SNP. I’m still a member but am considering resigning. My concern is the Gestapo like disciplinary committee and its actions. I’m particularly angry at their treatment of Gareth Wardell. I know antisemitism first hand. I was involved in a human rights case in Canada in 1992, and an article I wrote for the New Brunswick Law Journal was used in The Supreme Court of Canada against a writer of antisemitic booklets and Holocaust denier. I’m utterly clear that Grouse-Beater’s article had no a trace of antisemitism.
    I’m at a loss to understand why the Gestapo-like disciplinary committee would act as it did. Is it some personal vendetta by members of committee? Is it an attempt to curry favour with the English and Anglophile establishment? Is it an attempt to appease the English based “news”-papers?
    I’m also angry at how you were treated, Jason. Have you had an apology yet?
    I’m angry at the lack of urgency in the face of an impending Brexit and the opening of the British Government in Scotland Offices. I cannot see any reason the opening of those offices but to take over functions of the Scottish Parliament and Government, and to make it impossible for us to act for independence.
    I’m with you, Jason!

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    1. I did resign my membership over GB’s treatment. I sleep better at nights now that I’m an independent for Independence once again (as I was during 2014).


  2. Jason. I am with you.
    Sadly, I observed the lessons of history a long time ago and felt that it would come to this. It’s not going to be pretty but I would rather die striving for a true independent Scotland than see my days out in a servile, piratised colony where I am purposely deprived of my rights and identity.

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  3. I’m glad this has come when I’ve reached pension age At 65 I no longer fear or have respect for those who assume they are in authority. I also am raging and ready to make myself heard.


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