By Jason Michael

THE WORST THING about the Conservative Party’s annual conference is that we are forced to see and hear more from Conservatives. Allow me for a moment to be perfectly honest. I loathe the Conservative Party and everything it represents. Hate is not too strong a word to describe my feelings towards it. My distaste for the Tories and toryism is personal. It’s visceral. They disgust me. We have been repeatedly warned off using words like ‘traitor’ and ‘quisling’ to describe them. But I suspect those who would prefer we use more diplomatic language are the quislings within our own movement; the self-proclaimed luminaries of independence whose social backgrounds are closer to those of David Mundell and Ross Thomson than to mine or any other working class independentista. I have no problem calling Conservatives traitors.

British Conservatives are slaves to the basest of human motivations – selfishness and greed. As a political ideology, toryism is dedicated to preserving the wealth and privilege of the class it serves; ensuring its wealth is protected and increased regardless of the cost to the rest of society. It is a form of corruption that soaks up resources, impoverishing millions, as it legislates loopholes to keep the wealth of the nation out of the hands of the people who produce it. Like an economic cancer, toryism is the politics of the foodbank, the parish workhouse, and the poorhouse. Conservatives are traitors not only to their society, they are traitors to their species.

Right now, after having overwhelmingly rejected Brexit, the people of Scotland are looking down the barrel of being dragged out of the European Union against their will. We know what Brexit is all about. It has nothing whatsoever to do with reclaiming control, British independence from Brussels, or any of the lies that were told during the EU referendum campaign. Brexit is about reclaiming Britain for the British establishment, giving it again the freedom to do as it pleases to the working people of the United Kingdom without unwanted interference. Human rights, the welfare state, the NHS, decent pay and working conditions, and the essential services are already lined up against the wall waiting for the execution order. The masters of Britain are preparing to deliver a death blow to this society that will send our heads flying into the middle of next week.

Brexit, like Thatcher’s City of London project, needs to be financed however, and that’s where Scotland comes in – the same reason Thatcher needed Scotland; oil and gas. We have been lined up to bankroll the Great British Brexit. We are not going to be asked nicely, and you are dreaming if you think there will be thanks. Scotland’s resources have always been at the disposal of the English government and that theft – considering England can’t afford Brexit without it – is going to continue. London is not going to put up with our talk of independence any longer.

When Ruth Davidson said that we would not be permitted another independence referendum until 2027, what she means – in case you are in any doubt – is that there will be no independence referendum for Scotland so long as the Tories remain in power. As long as the Tories remain in power? But the Tories are not in power in Scotland. Scotland’s pro-British Conservatives do not even hold a quarter of the seats in the Scottish parliament. They have no claim to the democratic consent of the Scottish people – they are a minority party. But – and of course – this is not what Ruth Davidson means when she speaks of her party in power. She’s talking about her party being in power in London – in the English parliament. What she means is Scotland will have no referendum on independence so long as the Tories remain in power in England, even if that power is over and against the democratic will of the people of Scotland. Ruth Davidson wants to impose power over us.

Davidson wants to starve Scotland into submission. In 2027 – almost a decade into Britain’s new isolation – Scotland will be a wilderness. Delaying independence so as to fuel Brexit with Scotland’s resources will break Scotland’s back. That is what it is designed to do. We will be driven so far into an economic black-hole that we will think the current poverty of Scotland a paradise. In 2027 – if their plan works – the spirit of Scotland will be broken, and that’s not impossible for them to do. We cannot give them that time. We have to prove Ruth wrong.

Sure, we have a triple mandate for another referendum. But I’m not alone in suspecting that will be allowed to expire in the hope of gaining a fresh one, then another, then another… wash, rinse, repeat. What we have is a mandate that must be used. In good faith the people of Scotland voted for that mandate. It belongs to them and not to the Scottish government. It was in good faith the Scottish parliament voted to begin the process of another referendum, and now it must be pressed. Westminster won’t allow it – of course it won’t. But we won’t be asking. We will be telling the British government what we want and what we are going to do, and we are going to do exactly as we have said we will do. If London wants to play hard, then we will play hard.

The time has come for us to be more forceful, more militant in our march to independence. The longer we now wait, the more difficult things will become. Brexit Britain is an unstable Britain, and unstable states are dangerous and unpredictable states. The more unstable Britain becomes the more dangerous things will get for us. This is why we must move now and be prepared to stand up to the Tories and the British state, being determined not to sit back down until we have gotten exactly what we want. The time of Scotland being told what it can and cannot do has ended.


Starvation in Glasgow

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20 thoughts on “Scotland Will Not Be Permitted

  1. I agree absolutely. Scotland will be a grave yard if we dont. They will screw us for every penny. The Brittish establishment are viscious psychopaths intent on controlling us all and prepared to see us die off as soon as possible. We are surplus to their requirements in the future because of coming AI.

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    1. Scotland is already a grave yard. They are switching the head stones at Iona and building luxury houses on the graves at Culloden. When hatred is the status quo, It is time to make a change. Move now and keep moving, control the resources and own the road.


  2. Westminster has already started to strip us bare. It started right after September 2014 and will continue until we have no resources left. I agree with every single word you have written. It isn’t nice to hate but I hate every single tory as much as you do. Oh, how I will enjoy watching them weep when we’re free.

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  3. Scotland – you do not matter.

    Its worse than that. Scotland you do not exist in their world. You are just like the bin area of the apartment building. No one thinks of it at all. You just stick all your crap there and it magically disappears.

    Don’t believe me? Read Ian Dunt’s post “The self-defeating ignorance of May’s immigration plan”
    The SNP is not even whitewashed from events. It does not exist. None of their words or actions are even acknowledged. He does not lament the countries of the UK who are being dragged out of the EU against their votes.

    Want to see how you don’t exist. Every speach, May now stands in front of the butcher’s apron awkwardly swathed to deliberately show only Saint George’s Cross…Scotland has been reduced to incidental blue in the shadows.

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  4. The Tories are not just a blight on Scotland they are a stain on the soul of humanity. The descendants of those who have spread murder and mayhem around the world for 400 years. Having enriched themselves on the wealth of other nations while using the people of the islands as cannon fodder to expand the empire they now use every dirty trick in the book to cling to that wealth. Why the good people of England fail to see how they have also been abused by these sons of the shires is beyond me. I hope when Scotland is finally free the first thing they look at is land rights. Why should some r Sole own large chunks of Scotland just because his great, great, great granny or grandad murdered or shagged the “right” king or queen?


  5. An excellent article exposing a depressing reality. As time progresses it is obvious that Scotland will continue to be deliberately bled dry of resources to pay for the shambolic mess of brexit britain. The poorer Scotland gets the less likely we will be able to put forward a positive case for independence and Westminster knows this. Staying with the union spells disaster for Scotland.


  6. Independence will take still more clear thinking and sound judgement.
    Emotion clouds the mind and strong feeling makes for poor decision making.
    I know what hate looks and sounds like, but I’ve never seen it get anywhere fast.

    We in Scotland have no control over what the English do. Filled with hate alone, we will have little control over what we do.

    Take heart, the time is coming, but use your head ; think clearly, work things out. Above all, stay together. Let there be one army, one plan, one battle – and one victory for us all.
    Saor Alba.


  7. Enough of Westminster dictating to Scotland what we can and cannot do it’s our bloody country and its time the people of Scotland got off their arses to fight for what’s rightfully theirs and stop listening to all the shit Westminster spouts.Lets make Scotland Brave Again.


  8. Whilst I agree whole heartedly with the above blog I fear that the reality of the situation may be slightly different….. Westminster will never….and I mean never agree to an independent Scotland… They cannot afford to…..Any radical action taken by us in search of freedom will be resisted….. even down to sending in troops to quell the unruley mob….much inthe same way Churchill did many years ago…. Sadly we are a cash cow for the English elite….. nothing more…


  9. Sick fed up of Westminsterism but people in Scotland still believe the lies they are told, been told so many lies they don’t know who to believe and this makes them cynical.


  10. I have no Idea WHY the Scottish People and Government have waited so long.
    Waiting to see what will happen about Brexit is like someone jumping off a Building and changing their mind half way down, it’s a bit late then.
    We need to be OUT NOW! before the obvious happens.
    We have lost enough Revenue to London.
    Once Brexit happens, there is NO WAY Westminster can let Scotland go.


  11. “In a poorly attended Scottish Parliament the MPs voted to agree the Union and on 16 January 1707 the Act of Union was signed. The Act came into effect on May 1st 1707; the Scottish Parliament was dissolved and England and Scotland became one country”. Surely the reasons that the Scottish MPs voted for this that long ago, has no relevance to what the situation is now.


  12. We need to act fast, act now not tomorrow. As they say tomorrow never comes. Don’t leave to tomorrow what can be done today. We wil not survive brexit. The English will survive by taking everything from Scotland to pay for their survival and leave us with nothing. Don’t let them do it to us anymore. Vote for independence now and let’s get out of their grasp. Ruth Davidson should be ashamed as a Scot to go against Scotland. Let’s get rid of her too!


    1. Nicola if we sit about doing nothing, we will be distroyed be WM & TM RD tory party they think Scotland is weak. Common Scotland let them know we are strong, Nicola we have waited to long we do not have to wait for another article 50 or article 30 RD says 2027 no we say now Nicola demand a independent it’s our right.


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